Terms & Conditions

LICENSING AGREEMENT: Customers of Virtual Imaging Tours are paying for a
“Photography Service.”  The photographs are always the property of the
photographer, Virtual Imaging Tours. Virtual Imaging Tours is a service provided by Virtual Imaging Wealth Trust. The property and funds of Virtual Imaging Wealth Trust are only liable for contract obligations. Without recourse to individual trustees or interest holders.

PROPERTY MUST BE READY: Photography will begin at the time of your
appointment. Any preparations must be done before your appointment.
Appointments delayed by last-minute preparations will be charged an additional $50 fee. If a customer decides to hire Photographer to move any items before a shoot, there will be a $50 fee. The photographer will use his/her best discretion on accepting the restaging assignment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Appointments canceled less than 24 hours prior to
scheduled time of appointment will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.

CANCELLATION UPON ARRIVAL: We realize that emergencies happen, however, should you cancel an appointment upon arrival, and do not reschedule, you will not be refunded. If you choose to reschedule, you will be charged a $50 trip fee for a no-notice reschedule to cover the cost of the photographer’s trip to you.

LATE PAYMENT: Invoices are issued at the time of photo delivery and are due
within 10 days. Invoices not paid within 10 days will incur a late fee of $50 and
then an additional $5 per day until paid. 

PHOTO RECOVERY FEE: Photos are delivered with a download link, valid for 14
days. If you fail to download, and need a new download link, there will be a $25
recovery fee. 

ONLINE HOSTING: Your COMMERCIAL BUSINESS 3D or 360 Virtual Tour will be active for 1 year from the date of delivery, with the option to renew or archive, for an additional fee. You will receive a friendly email reminder about 2 weeks before your link expires. 

RESIDENTIAL 3D or 360 VIRTUAL TOURS will be active for 3 months from the
date of delivery, with the option to renew the hosting for another 3 months, or
other customized timeframe, for an additional fee, unless an arrangement has
been agreed upon beforehand.

GOOGLE 360 MY BUSINESS TOURS: Your Google 360 MY BUSINESS TOUR will be hosted by Google for the life of your business. 

SQUARE FOOTAGE: Customer is responsible for providing accurate square
footage of property to be photographed.